Q: Does the case actually protect your phone?

Yes! The case is made out of a combination of rigid plastic to support the mechanism and protect the device, as well as soft material to facilitate insertion and release of the phone. 
The lens bridge is made out of 6000 grade aluminum and is strong enough for custom laser etching, while the lenses are acrylic and scratch resistant. The lens viewer is made from a mixture of ABS and polycarbonate plastic.

Q: Will Figment VR be available to Android & Windows users?

Figment VR will only be iOS compatible for those with the iPhone 6 or newer models at launch; however, we plan to expand to Android & Windows users if this project is successful.

To help us decide what to work on next we would love to know what type of device you have. If you are not on an iPhone 6 or 6+, please help us with this quick survey. Your votes are important and will guide us in our decision on which device to support next.

Next Figment Device Survey (https://goo.gl/mn0ljO)

Q: Won't there be ghosting/crosstalk since there's no divider between the lenses?

No.  We carefully made sure that the distance between the phone and the lenses, combined with the type of lenses, would all work together so that the image would converge correctly without any ghosting/crosstalk, even without a divider in the middle.

Q: Won't there be too much ambient light that would destroy the experience?

We've done multiple iterations of the device with real world user testing to ensure that it provides a good experience even with the exposed sides. We've found that the bridge blocks the majority of the light and is sufficient by itself in most environments. In very bright environments, simply cupping your fingers around the top is enough to provide the extra cover needed. Also, in our user tests, we found that most users liked having the exposed sides since it made the device feel less claustrophobic and more socially acceptable to use in public spaces.